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Advanced and Dynamic
Content Management System

Wordpress Alternative
Built with Ruby-on-Rails

Adapts to any kind
of Project


Camaleon CMS is an advanced and dynamic Content Management System Based on Ruby on Rails which is an alternative to Wordpress in Ruby on Rails. This CMS can be adapted to any kind of project without programming and giving to users more time for the content instead of programing. Read more.


Use common code or external widgets or scripts to embed in any content by Widgets shortcode.


Use shortcodes to represent any kind of content or programming code within your contents.

Custom Fields

Use custom fields to create the correct/complete structure for your contents by a simple drag and drop process.

Content Groups

Create all your content groups by a simple form which permit you to manage custom many different contents structure without programming.


Add or extend the default functionalities of the CMS by plugins without affecting the core.


Customize the content presentation by themes without affecting any functionality of the CMS.

Multi Language

Present your information in all languages necessary to inform for all audiences you want.

Multi site

Create unlimited of sites in the same installation with a simple form.

Camaleon Store

Anyone can publish or share Themes or Plugins on the Camaleon CMS store for free.

Themes Store    Plugins Store


By Camaleon CMS

Create your store and sell by paypal and credit cards with this single ecommerce plugin.
Read more.

Contact Form

By Camaleon CMS

Create all your contact forms in a easy drag and drop way.
Read more.


By Camaleon CMS

This is a plugin for Camaleon CMS that manages email subscriptions and newsletters. .
Read more.

Visibility Posts

By Camaleon CMS

This plugin permit you to manage content permissions, such as: public, private and password protection.
Read more.


By Camaleon CMS

This plugin let you avoid web attacks and abusive petitions.
Read more.

Front Cache

By Camaleon CMS

This plugin permit you to cache public contents to improve the site speed.
Read more.


These are the main features of Camaleon CMS:

Adapts to any kind of project (New or Existing)

Camaleon CMS is a dynamic and flexible CMS that adapts into any kind of content structure.

Also Camaleon CMS can be integrated into existing Ruby on Rails projects without affecting the current functionality using:

- Relative URL's

- Database table name prefixing

Easy Content Manipulation

Camaleon CMS adapts to your needs so you do not have to change your process. Camaleon CMS includes an admin interface that feels familiar to users coming from Wordpress.


- All generated content is HTML5

- Customize your content for Desktop, Mobile and Tablet

- Sitemap / RSS Support

- SEO Configuration

- SEO for social media

File Uploads

Built in support for both Local and Amazon S3 file uploads


Camaleon CMS includes performance enhancing techniques such as:
- Content Caching
- Query Caching
- Asset Compilation and Caching


Camaleon CMS protects your content from common attacks, such us:

- Remote code execution

- SQL Injections

- Advanced session security

- Cross Site Scripting

- Control of abusive requests

- Cross-Site Request Forgery (CORS)


Support / Contact

If you require support or have any questions please use the following form